My dear friend, Aaron Graves, recently found out he has an inoperable brain tumor. I recorded this from a phone conversation we recently had, in which he told me a little bit about the things he has been going through lately. The “Skyjournal” concept is borrowed from Aaron’s ongoing Instagram series of the same title, which has of course been adopted by many of his friends as well.


Aaron is a fundamental part of the music community in Columbia, SC. He runs a record label, writes and records his own albums under the name Those Lavender Whales, and is loved by every single human that has ever met him. He is 28, married, and has a beautiful 4 year old daughter named Elvie.

-If you care to find out more and/or contribute to Aaron’s cause, please visit

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-A great way to contribute is to buy this compilation, in which tons of bands contributed songs and covered Aaron’s songs – proceeds go to Aaron and his family, and the compilation is great!

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