Los Angeles

This past June I took a trip to Los Angeles to visit a childhood friend. The goal of the trip was to abandon all responsibility as much as possible, spending the entire week doing nothing but skateboarding.


Now, regardless of how hard I try, I haven’t quite learned to go on a trip yet without taking a camera, and usually multiple cameras. Since I work and live primarily in the digital world, I’ve been having a lot of fun buying cheap-o disposable cameras to take on trips for taking stills – you get the mystery of shooting film but with the ease of just pointing at something and clicking. The results are admittedly underwhelming most of the time. For every camera I usually end up with 3 or 4 photos that I’m happy with, but that hasn’t stopped me yet from spending my money on them yet…



Prior to the trip, I had visions of skating super well and documenting tons of skateboarding and good times, resulting in an epic recap-film. I forgot, of course, to take into consideration that the last time I had nothing to do but skateboard for a week was years ago and my endurance has fallen off quite a bit. Nonetheless, the trip was a great time and I managed to scrape together just enough mediocre footage to put together this short film –